Bill Payments API

The bill payments Platform Allows you to access multiple billers through a single connection

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Merchant Payments POS

Signup today and start accepting mobile money in your shop or on your website

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Banking Hub

We have a range of products that allow financial institutions to increase their deposits and reduce the costs of doing business while improving customer experience

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We enable business to go mobile payments with ease, giving you the most powerful mobile money tools on the market with features such as Bulk payments

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PegPay is fast and convenient for both end users and merchants.


Simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to make payments even for non tech shavy people.


PegPay is the most secure mobile payments platform with up to date security conformance

The PegPay Mobile App is Here!

Get yourself the app and start making and receiving payments at the tap of a button

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Why customers choose us

Pegasus Technologies has extensive experience and expertise in the development of financial and billing solutions for companies. Pegasus Technologies has worked for, and is working for a number of banks, telecoms and utilities in Uganda to provide bespoke financial and billing solutions.

Our Vision

To be the leading Software Development and IT Solutions Provider in the region.

Our Mission

To connect the world through payments and provide a financial inclusion platform for all


John White

“Modern looking website not only makes our brand look professional, it also actually works for us, bringing new clients and partners. And we can manage the website entirely by ourselves thanks to powerful and easy to use tools. That has made our business so much easier and more effective!”

John White / Manager / Bank of Uganda.

Alex Brown

“Never thought it could be such an easy and fast thing to set up a site for my business. I am amazed how modern technologies have made our life so much simpler. I am loving them!”

Alex Brown / Manager / MTN Uganda.

Sarah Valetta

“It is amazing how easy it was to work with Pegasus. And some of them are actually fantastic. Stop wasting your money on hiring someone else, invest in your business wisely!”

Sarah Valetta / Manager / UBA.

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